Mobile home and caravan carpet and upholstery cleaning

How ServiceMaster Clean helps keep your mobile home looking its best.

Whether you’re going on a long trip or staying put, the condition of your mobile home or caravan is vitally important.

No one wants to spend a long trip or holiday avoiding sitting on a dirty stain on the upholstery.

And with kids running around, it can be near impossible to avoid trekking in mud and other outdoor messes.

You don’t have to settle for less than the best for your home on the road.

With ServiceMaster Clean, you can remove any lingering mess from your carpet and upholstery without lifting a finger.

Why ServiceMaster Clean?


We are an industry leader in carpet and upholstery cleaning with over 60 years of experience providing the best quality service.

We’re no strangers to whatever mess is causing an issue in your mobile home and have the know-how to find the perfect solution.

Products and equipment

Our technicians are kitted-out with the latest and greatest cleaning tools to remove all manner of stains accrued over your holidays.

Our mobile home repair services

Smells, dirt and marks

We understand that static and touring caravans can be left uninhabited for periods, leading to a build-up of smells and dirt.

Which, in turn, can leave unsightly marks inside your caravan.

Whether you keep your caravan at home, in storage or on a seasonal site, ServiceMaster Clean can be on hand to get things cleaned up and smelling fresh.

Perfect for tight spaces and steps

Sometimes, the issue of a stain or mark is exacerbated by its location in an awkward and hard-to-reach area.

Rather than get yourself in a sweat and huff by literally backing yourself into a corner, call on the experts.

Our top-of-the-range equipment also makes short work of tight spaces and caravan steps.


Our specialist equipment and expertise don’t just clear away dirt.

It also rids your carpet of shampoo residue and water, so they stay cleaner for longer.

Unlike professional carpet cleaning, most store-bought or rented carpet cleaning equipment leaves carpets wet with the detergent residue, causing a horrible sticky feel.

Carpet Cleaning

No matter your situation and price, we have a carpet cleaning system that can help.


  • Stain Removal
  • Clean to Blend
  • Full Carpet Clean
  • Soil Resistant Finishes
  • Carpet Protection

And if your carpet has sustained substantial damage, we can also undertake several repair services like micro-shearing and re-tufting.

Hard floor and upholstery services

Does your caravan or mobile home have hard floors? We clean these too!

Whether vinyl, laminate, LVT or even Amitco flooring, ServiceMaster Clean has developed regular hard floor cleaning and care systems to ensure the aesthetic appearance of your hard floor is the same as it was on the day it was installed.

With a visit from ServiceMaster Clean, you can forget worrying about the daily wear and tear that may scratch and mark your hard floors.

Our hard floor finishes look great and protect your floor from further damage.


The danger with cleaning most upholstery is not having the right tools for your material.

ServiceMaster Clean can also eliminate the stress of cleaning the upholstery and curtains in your caravan or mobile home.

From initial vacuuming to choosing the wet or dry-cleaning system most appropriate for your soft furnishings, we can clean any immediate stains, marks or residue and protect your upholstery from any future bother.


And with our specialist tools, you don’t go through the hassle of removing your curtains.

During a visit from ServiceMaster Clean, we start by thoroughly vacuuming the curtains paying attention to the head linings where dust and insects gather.

Then we clean the curtain back and front by hand, closely inspecting as we do so.

We’ll even clean your pelmets, leaving your curtains revitalised and smelling fresh!

Learn more

For a professional treatment for your caravan or mobile home, find your nearest ServiceMaster Clean business to receive a free quote on a range of services today.

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