The importance of cleaning your upholstery

Tips for taking care of your upholstered furniture.

Are you cleaning your upholstery? You should be. Your upholstered furniture gets used on a daily basis, and need cleaning as much as your carpets. Not only will this preserve the proper colours and textures, but it will help to remove stains and smells. Especially if you have pets, as prolonged exposure to the pollutants they leave behind can degrade upholstery. This means giving your upholstered items a once (or twice) over with the hoover to remove loose dust and dirt. The best policy here is to remove any cushions and use a nozzle attachment to get at hard-to-reach areas.

A good tip is to also make sure you beat the upholstery to loosen the dust and ensure you’re get it all. Once you’ve done this, plump up your seat cushions as you’re putting them back. For an extra top tip, you should also be rotating your seat cushions often. Plumping and rotating helps your cushions keep their shape and avoid premature wear. Make sure you’re also airing out your furniture. Opening a window to allow fresh air to circulate eliminates the need for chemical air fresheners.

We understand that, more often than not, you want a room that gets good light. But, do try to avoid any upholstered furniture in direct sunlight. The reason for this is that it will degrade the quality of the materials overtime.

What to do if you stain your upholstery

Nightmare! You’ve spilled hot coffee on your fine upholstery leaving a dirty great big mark right in the middle of it. Don’t panic, think ServiceMaster Clean. Your upholstery is delicate, but there are anti-stain treatments that are highly effective when applied properly. We use a special fabric protector that gives a fantastic resistance to spills of all sorts. This makes it easy to deal with any future stains quickly and effectively. Our fabric protector also contains a unique antibacterial additive that kills any viruses and bacteria, so you don’t have to worry about leftover germs. Our treatments are effective on a range of upholstery types, and can be counted on to remove any type of damage. With over 60 years’ experience as the UK’s number one cleaning brand, it’s no wonder people nationwide trust ServiceMaster Clean to take care of their delicate furniture pieces in a pinch.

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