Why should I pay a company to get my carpets cleaned?

Why should you pay a company to clean your carpets if I can hire or buy a machine yourself?

Hiring a machine from your local supermarket or DIY store is always an option, but then so is fixing your car with just a spanner!

Are DIY machines all they’re cracked up to be?

With a hired machine, you get what you pay for.

These machines are designed to remove surface-level dirt and do a great job of putting water and detergent down.

But not a great job at removing it.

If you use too much shampoo, the machines are not powerful enough to remove the water and detergent, leaving your carpets wet with a residue for up to and over 24 hours.

With a carpet cleaning professional…

With a professional carpet cleaner like ServiceMaster Clean, your carpets are in the hands of a professional with £20,000+ worth of carpet cleaning machinery, professional products and years of experience.

We even clean furniture and upholstery, too!

Your carpets will be clean and dry within hours, so your home will be back to normal in no time.

The secret to professional carpet cleaning is the hot water extraction system.

Our specialist equipment removes dirt, shampoo residue and water from carpets so they stay cleaner for longer.

Professional vs. home cleaning

It’s not that fair to compare a hired machine and a professional company. It’s apples and oranges.

Experience, knowledge, equipment and effort – we will move all your furniture out of the way so you do not have to – you get what you pay for!

ServiceMaster Clean can apply a special fabric protector, giving fantastic resistance to spills, making them easy to mop up if cleaned away quickly.

The fabric protector also contains a unique anti-bacterial additive which kills many viruses and bacteria.

We recommend a professional cleaning of your carpets every six to twelve months to keep them free of dirt and looking fresh and to extend their usage.

You have already invested by purchasing your carpets, so why not look after them and ensure they can go the distance?

After all, would you try and fix your car with a spanner?

Want a professional carpet-cleaning experience?

If you need carpet (or upholstery) cleaning, contact your local professionals by finding your nearest ServiceMaster Clean business to receive a free, no-obligation quotation.

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