The questions to ask yourself when hiring a commercial floor cleaning service. 

Hiring a commercial cleaning company will give you peace of mind that you provide a safe, clean environment for your employees and customers.

But with so many commercial cleaning companies available, choosing the right one can be challenging.

Here is a checklist of questions to help you know what to look for when hiring a commercial cleaning company for your business, from the experts at ServiceMaster Clean.

  1. What services do they offer?

Before hiring a commercial floor cleaning company, you need to ensure that they can meet your requirements.

Cleaning needs vary between floor types and businesses.

For example, hard floors will require an entirely different cleaning regime to carpet, and the requirements for a care home will differ from that of an office.

Therefore, you’ll need a cleaning company with the experience, skill and tools to handle your specific business environment.

  1. Do they provide trained staff?

If you’re inviting an external company to take care of your flooring, you’ll need assurance that they’ll take appropriate care and use the right equipment in the right places.

Find out what training the cleaning company provides to its crew and what background checks they use to vet their staff.

  1. What equipment and supplies do they use?

A professional floor cleaning company should provide all the equipment and products necessary to carry out their duties.

However, if your business has specific requirements that need special cleaning equipment or supplies, perhaps to meet disinfection or sanitisation procedures, check that they can provide those.

  1. Can they offer a flexible schedule?

Limit the potential disruption to your business or organisation with evening or weekend cleaning.

Or perhaps you would like to be able to call on your cleaning company for emergency or ad hoc cleaning in addition to your regular schedule.

The company you choose should be able to offer a schedule that fits your business needs.

  1. What is their reputation like?

One way to assess the quality of a commercial floor cleaning company is to look at its customer feedback.

Read their customer testimonials and online reviews and ask if they have case studies demonstrating their expertise and reliability.

Also, find out if they hold any relevant industry accreditations, as these can provide credible endorsement of their services.

  1. Do they have insurance?

Appropriate insurance is essential should an accident or mishap occur when they’re cleaning your workplace flooring. Only consider a commercial floor cleaning company that has public liability insurance.

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ServiceMaster Clean Bournemouth is partnered with British Forces to offer a special discount for all British Forces personnel. 

This organisation offers exclusive discounts on a range of products and services from restaurants and clothes to holidays and days out, and now… ServiceMaster Clean!

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  • Carpet Repairs
  • Commercial Cleaning Services
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  • Disaster Restoration
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And more, you can receive 10% off services of more than £80 if you are a member of the British Forces.

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Service Spotlight: Emergency flood clean-up

The impact of flooding, whether due to a burst pipe or a weather event, can be catastrophic. Floodwater can cause extensive property damage and create a possible health hazard from contaminated water, so clearing up after a flood requires expert remedial care.

Emergency flood clean-up service

We provide an emergency flood clean-up service to manage this stressful event. Our quick response will mitigate potential damage, remove any health risks and restore the building to working order as soon as possible.

Upon arrival onsite, our flood recovery team will assess any risks before beginning the recovery process. Safety is paramount, so our team are highly trained to respond to this type of emergency.

Our powerful machinery and specialist products will simultaneously extract water and sanitise the area, minimising any health risks from contaminated water. Once the floodwater has been removed, we install drying equipment to prevent the potential of further damage from moisture in the atmosphere.

Following this initial containment process, we provide a summary report, including photos and key points, to the client. The property is now ready for the next stage – the specialist in-depth drying process.

Our early response provides reassurance that a flooded property is safe and ensures it can be back in use in the shortest timescale.

In a flood emergency, our flood response team can be contacted on 01803 200278.

If your premises has been flooded, either from stormwater or a burst water pipe, you will need to respond promptly to safeguard your property and its occupants and minimise further damage.

Here is our step-by-step guide for what to do following a flood.

Safety first

  • Evacuate the building and do not re-enter until you are sure it is safe.
  • Switch the electricity and gas off at the mains before beginning any clean-up.
  • Floodwater is often contaminated and should be treated as such even if it appears clean:
  • Wear suitable protective clothing when touching anything that has come into contact with the water.
  • Thoroughly wash hands before preparing food, eating, drinking or smoking.
  • Keep young children, the elderly and those with immune system deficiency away from the property until it has been dried out.

Report and record

  • Contact your insurance company or broker to notify them and begin a claim.
  • Take photographic evidence of the flood damage to your building, equipment and goods.
  • Make a list of damaged items and their condition.
  • When the water has subsided, mark the high water point, including the date, on each wall.
  • Take detailed notes of actions you have taken.

Limit further damage

  • Where possible, clear any residue, water or mud.
  • Remove and dispose of saturated carpets, rugs and upholstery.
  • Move furniture to a flood-free area or raise it off the floor on blocks.
  • Protect wooden furniture by putting plastic under the feet to prevent it from absorbing more water.
  • Open doors and windows to air the property and help with drying.

Your insurance company will send a loss adjuster to survey the damage, determine what remedial work is necessary, and appoint professionals. Your building will need specialist disinfecting and drying out. And depending on the severity of the flood, you may also need remedial building work.

Our cleaning and disaster restoration team is British Damage Management Association (BDMA) trained and accredited to handle flood damage restoration, mitigation, and building drying and dehumidification. If you would like further advice or help to deal with the aftermath of a flood, please contact us.


Late autumn is when fallen leaves add to the detritus, such as dirt and moss gathered in gutters. Left unattended, this build-up causes blockages, leading to overflowing gutters and subsequent water damage to fascia boards, walls, windows, ceilings, insulation, and even foundations.

Regular gutter cleaning will prevent any long-term build-up and protect your property from leaking gutter water damage. It is a straightforward task but can be challenging without the correct specialist equipment, which is where we come in!

Using our high-level gutter vac and pressure washer, we can easily clear gutters of leaves, weeds, dirt and other debris, clearing blockages and preventing overflow problems. It can be a messy job, but we will leave your property as we found it, except with clean gutters!

We also have the equipment and expertise to undertake all external cleaning jobs to help maintain your premises, improve its appearance and reduce walkway slip hazards. For example, we can clean the following:

  • Windows
  • Soffits
  • Facias
  • Masonry
  • External floor surfaces, including decking and paving
  • Walkways
  • Fire escapes

For a free no-obligation quotation, please contact us.

ServiceMaster Clean Bournemouth technician Jake Fox has won the award for Employee of the Year at this year’s ServiceMaster Live event.

ServiceMaster Live, which took place this May, is an annual gathering of franchisees from across the ServiceMaster UK brand family. This has been the first time the conference has been able to run since 2019 due to the limitations to public gatherings brought in to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Now finally together again, the event saw franchisees and their teams recognised for their hard work in overall customer service, sales, marketing efforts, resilience in the face of hardships, charity and community work and more, in an awards ceremony at the close of the day.

But awards were not solely reserved for franchisees. The ceremony also saw recognition to the staff members from across the network. This included an Employee of the Year award for ServiceMaster Clean Bournemouth’s very own superhero technician Jake Fox.

Jake joined the SMC Bournemouth team 3 years ago at the age of 19 as a contract cleaner. As a brand-new cleaner, Jake demonstrated very quickly a willingness to learn and develop his skills and a consciousness that has stood him in great stead for continuing excellence. The team say they recognised Jake’s potential very early on in his tenure as a contract cleaner, leading to recognition for his opportunity to progress by the branch’s Operations Manager. So, Jake was given the opportunity to qualify as a BDMA technician, which he passed with flying colours. As a result, Jake has now taken full control of the Restoration side of the business as a Senior Restore and Carpet Technician. He has worked throughout the pandemic, taking on even more responsibility including undertaking COVID Cleans and other emergency callouts.  

The SMC Bournemouth team, which is led by business owner Scott Burrows say that Jake’s quick progression and reputation within the community made him a no-brainer choice for Employee of the Year.

Jake is an asset to our company. His mature friendly nature and approach to customers have given us much repeat business. He is hardworking, knowledgeable, presentable, and always happy to help. We regularly receive customer feedback expressing his professionalism when attending, with his warm and friendly nature. He continually goes that extra mile for customers.”

This, of course, includes when Jake went above and beyond by going out in the middle of the night and arranging assistance to help an elderly customer who had taken a fall and accidentally called the SMC Bournemouth on-call number!

I feel very grateful to win the Employee of the Year award. The most gratifying part is that I was selected from my other employees from ServiceMaster Bournemouth.

I think simply to make a good ServiceMaster employee you have to care about the work that you are doing. I believe you can teach all of the practical sides of the business, but ultimately if you have no passion you will not be able to give an excellent level of service.

And it is Jake’s passion for providing quality care and service to each and every single one of his customers that shines through in absolutely everything he does. We would like to wish him a huge congratulations on his award and look forward to seeing him continue to thrive as part of the excellent Bournemouth team.

If you are in Bournemouth and would like to schedule a carpet or upholstery clean from Jake and the rest of the Bournemouth team, get in touch today by calling 01202 895551.

Or, use our store locator tool to find your nearest ServiceMaster Clean business to schedule a free quote.

By Tom Page, Digital Content Writer

The director of ServiceMaster Clean Bournemouth completed the Macmillan Dorset Bike Ride to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support.

If you’ve been keeping up to date with our latest ServiceMaster Clean news, you’ll know that Michelle Walker of ServiceMaster Clean Bournemouth and her husband Gavin have been training to take part in the Macmillan Dorset Charity Bike Ride, which takes place annually on the first Sunday in July.

Around 325 people, including Michelle and Gavin, took part in the ride, choosing from a distance of either 38, 48, 63, or 100 miles through the Dorset countryside. The event is expected to have raised over £35K, with almost £17K already confirmed to have been raised from the Macmillan Dorset Bike Ride Fundraising Group alone. Michelle and Gavin participated in the 48-mile ride, raising £345 for Macmillan, and smashing their £200 target. They are also both pleased to report that they sustained no injuries! Posting on her JustGiving page on Sunday, Michelle said, “Thank you [to] everyone who donated to such a worthy cause. We completed the ride in 4 hrs 42. Loved every minute… well almost. Thank you so much from [the] both of us!”

Congratulations to Michelle and Gavin, from all of the ServiceMaster Clean team, well done for all your hard work towards a very worthy cause.

If you would like to get in touch with Michelle and the rest of the ServiceMaster Clean Bournemouth team, don’t hesitate to call 01202 895551 to book a professional carpet and upholstery cleaning service in Bournemouth and the surrounding areas.

By Tom Page, Digital Content Writer

Join us in supporting the director of ServiceMaster Clean Bournemouth, Michelle Walker and her husband Gavin Walker, in taking part in a charity bike ride for Macmillan Cancer Support this weekend. 

Our resident cleaning heroes from ServiceMaster Clean Bournemouth are back out there doing good in the community this week. Director Michelle Walker and her husband Gavin Walker have been training their wheels for a charity bike ride in support of Macmillan Cancer Support this Sunday 3rd July.

The Macmillan Dorset Bike Ride was founded in 1989 by Peter Smith-Nicholls, who wanted to find an ongoing way to continue his fundraising efforts for Macmillan, which began with his cycle ride from John O’Groats to Land’s End in 1988. Since then, the bike ride has taken place on the first Sunday and is organised by a community of volunteers from the Macmillan Dorset Bike Ride Fundraising Group. This year, the group alone has already raised over £7000 from a source of over 250 doners and multiple sponsored riders, each with fundraisers of their own – and many like Michelle and Gavin who will be contributing through JustGiving pages.

On Sunday, participants, including Michelle and Gavin, will begin their ride between the hours of 8:00-9:30 AM from Corfe Mullen and are given a choice of four different routes of differing lengths. Riders can cycle anywhere from 38, 48, 63, to 100 miles through the countryside to help the fundraiser reach its goal of raising £2 million.

The money raised by the ride is vital, as it ensures that Macmillan services, which provide essential care to cancer patients in the area can continue to run. Fundraisers like this are the lifeblood of organisations like Macmillan, who without them, wouldn’t be able to afford to keep operating.

“Macmillan services are urgently needed now more than ever but they simply can’t continue them without your help. Please donate today to help make sure Macmillan can keep delivering this critical support. Macmillan nurses, doctors and other health professionals up and down the country are there to continue to support people living with and beyond cancer,” says the Fundraising Group.

Michelle and Gavin will be taking part in the 48-mile challenge and have been training intensely for the endeavour, and have already exceeded their fundraising goal of £200!

On their JustGiving page, Michelle has extended her thanks to all those supporting the ride,

“Macmillan gives people with cancer everything they’ve got,” she says.

“I personally have 4 immediate family members that have been struck with this awful disease and recently a close family friend, so I am sure as your reading this, you can perhaps relate to my experience with people close to you,’ she adds.

“I can’t save the world through this bike ride alone, but I can try and raise an amount of money that may just may, contribute towards the research to cure people. In memory of Mum and Dad… For all others close by or in my memory, you are not forgotten. [A] 48 Mile Cycle ride is a long, long way, it’s a challenge…one I can’t wait to take.”

And Michelle and Gavin don’t want to stop at £200. If you can, please join us in offering your support to this worthy cause by donating today via Michelle and Gavin’s JustGiving Page or directly to the Macmillan Dorset Bike Ride group.

If you would like to participate in the ride yourself, there is still time to register, either online until 12 o’clock on Friday 1st July, or simply turn up and enter on the day. And to get in touch with Michelle and Gavin, and the rest of the ServiceMaster Clean Bournemouth team, don’t hesitate to call 01202 895551.

By Tom Page, Digital Content Writer

We received a great little story from one of our franchises, ServiceMaster Clean Bournemouth and we had to share it!

In the early hours of Friday morning (21/02/20) at 1 am our technician Jake Fox received a call on the out of hours mobile when he answered it was an elderly lady who advised Jake she’d had a fall and was on the floor. She was staying with relatives, unable to wake them as she was downstairs and being as early as was they were fast asleep upstairs, she had accidentally called our on-call mobile number.

Jake reassured her by offering to call her an ambulance, at first, she was reluctant but then she changed her mind. Jake called the emergency services number and was advised that they were unassured of what time they’d be able to attend due to their high call volumes. Jake volunteered to go to the address where the lady was as he could not leave her knowing she was on the floor and in possible pain.

Jake attended the address and had to gently knock to wake the relatives of the lady to raise awareness when the relatives answered the door Jake advised they were so grateful and appreciative.

One of the lady’s relatives popped into the office on Tuesday and advised that she had dislocated her hip and had to have emergency hip surgery. The relative was very grateful and couldn’t thank Jake enough!

Bournemouth based business owners are celebrating after taking over a commercial & residential cleaning company.

ServiceMaster Bournemouth is a franchise of ServiceMaster. It has been established since 1994.

New owners, Scott & Jess Burrows and Michelle Walker decided to buy the ServiceMaster after John Day announced his retirement.

Scott has worked at ServiceMaster Clean Bournemouth for 14 years ago. He started with the business as a Carpet Cleaning Technician remembering his first month very clearly being very hard work but loved the buzz from the job, which was rewarding with great job satisfaction. He was quoted to say that he didn’t know if he could carry on with it at first, but his wife Jess said “just stick with it”…and now the rest is history!

Scott then went onto achieving his qualifications in Tech 1 BDMA Qualification and a couple of years later worked his way up to Senior Tech BDMA Qualification.

With extensive knowledge of ServiceMaster Clean Bournemouth, Scott had a dream to purchase the business, so he approached his wife Jess and friend Michelle to share his thoughts for the business and asked them to invest in the business equally to make this dream a reality. Each of their experiences, from different working backgrounds, will play a large part in making the business thrive and move it forwards into 2019.

ServiceMaster Clean Bournemouth provides services for Commercial, Residential and Disaster Restoration services in Bournemouth, Verwood, Ferndown, West Moors, Poole, Broadstone, Sandbanks, Corfe Mullen, Lytchett Matravers, Parkstone, also going out as far as the New Forest, Salisbury and Surrounding areas.

When asked about their plans for their business:

“We are looking to grow and modernise the business, tapping into untouched areas that we can expand within our Region. We shall be growing our business using Social Media Campaigns, Advertising talking to local businesses, networking and bringing the business into the digital age.”

A great quote to sum that up whilst Scott, Jess and Michelle were in Head Office was “Thinking of the business like a plant… ‘Watering it and watching it grow’.”

ServiceMaster Clean Residential brand manager Sophie says “We’re all very excited for Scott, Jess, Michelle and our other investor to take over ServiceMaster Clean Bournemouth and look forward to following their journey, and seeing them succeed”.



ServiceMaster has over 300 franchisees operating in close to 700 licensed areas under its brands, including Merry Maids, ServiceMaster Clean, Furniture Medic, TruGreen Professional LawnCare and Rosemary Bookkeeping. TruGreen has been

recognised as a leading franchise opportunity in the Elite Franchise Top 100 franchises in the United Kingdom.