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The tools we use for carpet cleaning

The tools ServiceMaster Clean use for expert carpet cleaning. 

We know you don’t want to shell out money buying products and lose time cleaning your carpets.

There are tools out there that can be used to clean carpets that are available to the general public, but most pale in comparison to professional equipment and service.

At ServiceMaster Clean, we do the cleaning for you using the best tools, unavailable to the general public.

Here’s a breakdown of what we use to get the best possible standard of cleaning for your carpets and how they work, so you know what to expect from a ServiceMaster clean.

Pump Spray

We use this to concentrate and apply the exclusive, industrial-strength products used to clean your carpets.

We place the cleaning product within the machine and pump the pressure up. Think of it almost like a pressure cooker.

We then spray the carpet with the product and let it sit before we utilise the extractor.

For smaller or harder-to-reach areas, we utilise a hand sprayer which performs the above but is easier to use on smaller surfaces.

 Extractor machine

Once the product has been applied, we use the extractor to remove the product and clean the carpet.

It has two water tankers attached to a long metal pole (or wand) via pipes.

The head of the wand is what we put onto the carpet (or whatever we are cleaning) to do the bulk of the cleaning.

First, clean, warm water is poured into one tank (or we put in cold water and heat it – a bit like a giant kettle).

Then there is a separate tank to collect the dirty water after the cleaning.

Then we run the wand over the carpet, which pushes clean water into the carpet and sucks out the dirty water.

We also have a smaller version of the extractor called a Spotter that is easier to manoeuvre and is used for smaller or fiddlier items like stair carpets and sofas.

The Roto Machine

This is a large machine with pads at the bottom which we use on hard floors like Amtico, tiles, and stone, but that we sometimes use on some carpets and works similarly to the extractor.

Water is placed into a tank while any product is sprayed onto the floor.

The machine then moves over the floor to clean it. We can also use this machine to strip products off the floor.

We do this by changing the pads on the bottom of the machine – some are more abrasive than others. Think of it like sandpaper coming in different grits.

Tampico brush

Used for spot cleaning and removing stains, visually, the Tampico brush looks like a scrubbing brush… but it isn’t!

The bristles are designed to snap if too much pressure is applied to the item we are cleaning.

While this seems like a potentially odd design choice, it is done to make causing damage to your carpet or rug very difficult.

This brush is one of the more labour-intensive tools in our arsenal, as it is used for cleaning stubborn areas by hand.


The Agitator is a piece of equipment we use in deep cleaning carpets that require a more comprehensive cleaning service.

This is a tool that we use after we have applied a product.

It pushes the cleaning product into the pile of the carpet/rug to perform a deep clean.

We also use this for lifting the pile. Therefore, making it easier for us to carry out a deep clean.

Need your carpet cleaning?

Despite its health benefits, carpet cleaning can be a laborious chore. But with the right tools and expertise, it doesn’t have to be.

To benefit from the expertise, tools, and products of an industry leader in carpet cleaning, find your nearest ServiceMaster Clean business today to book your free, no-obligation quote on our residential and commercial cleaning services.

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