The best tools for carpet cleaning

ServiceMaster Clean breaks down the tools that get your carpets shining like new.

When most people think of a dirty carpet, they think of an accidental spillage or an eyesore.

And work!

Let’s face it, cleaning your carpets is a positive habit to get into.

Not just from an upkeep standpoint. A dirty carpet can cause numerous unforeseen health risks like respiratory problems and a weakened immune system.

But how often do most of us properly clean our carpets? Not very!

For many, this is because it takes extra labour clearing things off of it, then ensuring you have a carpet cleaning agent and waiting for it to take effect.

And when you have a stain, this just isn’t effective, as you can’t react quickly enough to mitigate long-term damage.

But what if we told you there was another way?

At ServiceMaster Clean UK, we have over 60 years of expertise as an industry leader in carpet cleaning.

So, we know the best tools for the job.

Join us as we dive into what carpet cleaning tools are best to have on hand to get the job done right.

  1. A vacuum with a HEPA Filter

A vacuum cleaner is one of the most essential carpet cleaning tools.

However, the type and effectiveness of vacuums can vary wildly.

Due to the health risks of a dirty carpet, ensure your vacuum has a HEPA filter system.

HEPA (which stands for high-efficiency particulate air) is a filter classification.

To qualify as a HEPA filter, systems must remove no less than 99.97% of particulates like dust, pollen, and pet hair from the air.

So, buy a machine that can extract fine dust particles and improve air quality.

For carpet cleaning, it’s also worth investing in a vacuum with an adjustable beater bar to ensure it can be used on the different carpet types on your property.

  1. Stain remover

Stain removers are detergents that help remove stains from your carpet by dissolving the stain from the textile fibres.

Products vary in size, price, and effectiveness, so be discerning in what you buy.

Having a trusted stain remover can be a lifesaver when a spillage occurs as you can ensure it doesn’t have time to set in.

  1. ServiceMaster Clean

With years of experience and the best products and equipment, the best tool for carpet cleaning is ServiceMaster Clean.

We also have our very own expert tools.

ServiceMaster Clean Spot Hero distils all our years of cleaning expertise rolled into one bottle.

Safe to use on water cleanable carpet, fabric, and upholstery, Spot Hero guarantees to vanish common and stubborn like red wine, mud, berries, grease, and dirt, in a flash.

Need your carpet cleaning?

Despite its health benefits, carpet cleaning can be a laborious chore. But with the right tools and expertise, it doesn’t have to be.

To benefit from the expertise, tools, and products of an industry leader in carpet cleaning, find your nearest ServiceMaster Clean business today to book your free, no-obligation quote on our residential and commercial cleaning services.