What to expect when we come to clean your carpets

On a daily basis, your carpet is subject to more wear and tear than anywhere else in your home and affects its overall appearance. Our team of trained carpet cleaners across the UK are here to help keep your carpets looking clean and fresh all year round.

What equipment is used?

We use specialist equipment and expertise to remove as much dirt as we can from your carpets to make them as clean as possible.

Here is a list of equipment we may use on your carpet –

  • Vacuum – to remove any debris and loose dirt before cleaning
  • Carpet Shampoo – to assist with the cleaning process and make your carpets smell fresh
  • Carpet Cleaning Machine – This machine is like a vacuum, being that it sucks up the dirt, however, it shoots out hot water to clean your carpet and is immediately sucked up with the shampoo and dirt from your carpet
  • Spot Hero – Our own brand of stain removal solution may be used to remove any stains from coffee to chocolate from your carpets

We have a wide range of other equipment for different services, which will be listed in the next section.

What carpet cleaning services do we offer?

We have a wide variety of services and levels of cleaning to accommodate every situation and price.

  • Stain Removal
  • Clean to Blend
  • Full Carpet Clean
  • Soil Resistant Finishes
  • Carpet Protection

With such a wide range of methods, this means that we can offer a system that is tailor-made to your requirements, what the carpet needs (both in terms of soiling and type of carpet) and what your budget will allow.

All this technology doesn’t have to be heavy on the purse though – as one of the world’s largest cleaning companies, we are so busy that our overheads and product costs are low.

What about carpet repairs?

We also offer a carpet repair service meaning you don’t have to rearrange your furniture to hide the damage or spend money on a new carpet.

If your carpets are looking worn over time, there is an iron burn mark on the floor or a cigarette burn on your carpet then we can repair this for you in one session!

When it comes to carpet repairs, we have three techniques that we use to ensure the perfect repair every time:

  • Re-tufting Carpets – This can be carried out to restore burn marks, stubborn stains, moth damage and much more
  • Micro-shearing – If the burn is quite deep, the area of carpet can be treated with micro-shearing, which is a tool unique to ServiceMaster Clean
  • Bonded Inserts – This involves cutting out a section of carpet and inserting into the area that needs to be covered


If you would like further information on our carpet cleaning services or a quote find your local business.

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