Santa’s Christmas cleaning checklist

Santa manages to squeeze down all of our chimneys and neatly place all of our Christmas presents under the tree without leaving a trace each year, but how does he do it? 

We spoke to the jolly happy soul himself to see what’s on his Christmas list of cleaning essentials.

Santa said: “Visiting so many homes all around the world can be dirty work, so Mrs Claus and ServiceMaster Clean have taught me a thing or two about removing stains should the need arise!”


Climbing down everyone’s chimneys on Christmas Eve can leave me covered in soot, so I have to be careful not to leave sooty footprints on your living room carpet! Obviously, I need to make sure these are gone by the time you wake up, so I always make sure that the elves put my vacuum cleaner on the sleigh.

Rubbing the soot can make the marks worse, so I like to use the nozzle attachment on my vacuum cleaner and clear away as much as possible. Of course, I use a little Christmas magic to ensure the sound of the vacuum doesn’t wake everyone up!


It’s wonderful when children leave mince pies, cookies and drinks for me to enjoy whilst I’m delivering their presents, but after a few glasses of wine, I can get a little clumsy! If I accidentally knock over a glass of wine, I act quickly to stop it staining.

I absorb as much of the wine as I can with paper towels and dab the stain and never rub it as this can make everything worse! I then dampen the spillage with a little water and absorb it with paper towels once again, this process is repeated until the mark has gone.


Some homes prefer to leave a glass of milk for me to enjoy which is a little easier to clean than wine! Again, I dab the mark with a paper towel and use a little water to flush the milk out. I dab this with a clean cloth or tea towel and more paper towels.

It’s important to remove as much water as possible to avoid that sour milk smell! If milk leaves a foul scent, I sprinkle a little bicarbonate of soda over the area before vacuuming away.


Many children leave carrots for my reindeer to enjoy, but I bet that most children have no idea that reindeer are such messy eaters! I often have to clean up their carrot stains using a blunt knife (for the bits) and a small amount of stain remover suitable for the material. I dab this on to the marks with a soft cloth, repeating until the orange stains have gone!

Mince Pies

I’m rather partial to the odd mince pie on Christmas Eve, but they can be so crumbly! I find the sticky mixture quite difficult to remove, especially if it lands on the carpet.

I’ll scrape away as much of the excess mincemeat as I can with a blunt knife, making sure that I check the manufacturer instructions to find the best method to clean the carpet.

ServiceMaster Clean says I should keep the stain as dry as possible when cleaning, so I apply a small amount of white vinegar to a clean cloth and gently dab the area. Next, I add a teaspoonful of washing powder to a mug of warm water, and again gently dab the solution on to the mark using a sponge and allow this to sit for at least three minutes before dabbing once again with a dry cloth. If the stain is still present, I’ll dab it again with the white vinegar followed by more of the soapy solution, then I rinse it lightly with cool water and leave to dry naturally.

If I can’t remove a stain, I’ll call on my professional carpet and upholstery cleaning friends at ServiceMaster Clean! You can find your local office here.