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Service Spotlight: Emergency flood clean-up

Disaster Restoration Services

Service Spotlight: Emergency flood clean-up

The impact of flooding, whether due to a burst pipe or a weather event, can be catastrophic. Floodwater can cause extensive property damage and create a possible health hazard from contaminated water, so clearing up after a flood requires expert remedial care.

Emergency flood clean-up service

We provide an emergency flood clean-up service to manage this stressful event. Our quick response will mitigate potential damage, remove any health risks and restore the building to working order as soon as possible.

Upon arrival onsite, our flood recovery team will assess any risks before beginning the recovery process. Safety is paramount, so our team are highly trained to respond to this type of emergency.

Our powerful machinery and specialist products will simultaneously extract water and sanitise the area, minimising any health risks from contaminated water. Once the floodwater has been removed, we install drying equipment to prevent the potential of further damage from moisture in the atmosphere.

Following this initial containment process, we provide a summary report, including photos and key points, to the client. The property is now ready for the next stage – the specialist in-depth drying process.

Our early response provides reassurance that a flooded property is safe and ensures it can be back in use in the shortest timescale.

In a flood emergency, our flood response team can be contacted on 01803 200278.