ServiceMaster Clean Hampshire raises £7900 with charity golf day

Kevin Riley, the director of ServiceMaster Clean Hampshire, has raised £7906 for motor neurone disease and cancer support charities through a 10th annual charity golf fundraising day.

Eleven years ago, Kevin Riley, the owner and director of ServiceMaster Clean Hampshire sat down to talk with some of his friends who were all also going through the same difficult experience as him, watching a family member fight a life-threatening or debilitating illness. Though she sadly passed away, Kevin’s mother was struggling with motor neurone disease (or MND) at the time. This is a condition that affects key nerves in the brain and spinal cord known as motor neurones. MND gradually stops messages from these neurones from reaching muscles, which causes them to degenerate – meaning it can affect a person’s life in significant ways, including how they walk, talk, breathe, eat, and even think.

Speaking to friends whose relatives were living with cancer, Kevin and his friends felt compelled to act. Kevin says he recalls saying “We’ve just got to do something.”

From this conversation, what has come to be known as the Richard Morgan Golf Memorial golf day was born, named in memory of Richard Morgan, a friend who passed away from cancer.

Due to missing a year as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, this year marked the 10th year in which the day has been held, and Kevin and co-organiser Shaun Munce are delighted to have been able to raise £7906 for Macmillan Cancer Support and the Motor Neurone Disease Association, bringing their total raised over the decade-long effort to a whopping £63,706!

Over the years the fundraising efforts have also taken different forms, such as charity football matches, but it has stayed loyal to the same group of people, and for these same worthy charities in honour of Kevin’s mum and Richard. The golf day takes place locally at the Cams Hall Estate Golf Club in Fareham, where around 80 participants are organised into 20 or so teams and staggered across the 18-hole course throughout the day. Kevin explains that the teams are made up of “friends, family [and] mates of mine from my cricket team. I’ve got a mate who’s a fireman as well so we’ve got a lot of firefighters that come along – and their friends to pitch in,” he says. “I think because everyone enjoys it so much [and] it’s a good day out … Especially after COVID everyone just wanted to get together, tell stories and just have a drink and play a bit of golf. Half of them probably don’t play golf really, it’s just the whole day out,” he laughs.

The money is raised from a combination of admission fees, part of which goes to cover the cost of the green fee for the actual golfing. The rest is raised through other efforts from Kevin and Shaun. “I do a football blackout square that they do [for] football teams,” Kevin explains. “Whoever wins [that] wins the prize of whatever it is. So, I do two of those, one is for £5 for each team [which is] worth a golf voucher of £250. And then the other one, ServiceMaster Clean, we donated … a massive hamper that’s worth 500 quid. It was £10 a team per team. And then that raises £1200 I think on just [those] two blackouts.”

Along with this, Kevin and Shaun have partnered with different sponsors over the years for raffle and auction prizes, of which all proceeds go to the charity. “We have a table of raffle prizes where people donate stuff,” Kevin says. “We get a lot of golf balls that people give us as well. So, the bigger prize is the good four balls.” And this year included some lovely ServiceMaster Clean branded golf balls and equipment!

This year Kevin and Shaun also partnered with Bladez Toys, who design and manufacture toys in the UK for leading brands like Hot Wheels® and Barbie®, who donated a remote-control camper or van and Barbie car for the auction. There was also extra fun to be had at a disco, which was DJed free of charge for family members of the teams and of the golf club’s staff, making for a brilliant day out for all after the quiet of the COVID lockdowns, and all for great causes. Kevin says he and Shaun aren’t keen to rest on their laurels however and are already in discussion of how to do even better next year and keep raising money for Macmillan and the MNDA.

As Kevin highlights, “with cancer, everyone knows someone who’s got it [or] had it.” As a charity that is also undoubtedly familiar to most in the UK, Macmillan Cancer Support provides many services to support people struggling with cancer. From their famous coffee mornings to a support line, and providing information on types of cancer, treatments and financial support, the work Macmillan do is a lifeline for many during difficult and dark times. As they say themselves, “Cancer is not going anywhere. And neither are we … There’s around 3 million people living with cancer in the UK today, and over 360,000 more are diagnosed every year. Right now, millions of people with cancer are counting on us for physical, financial and emotional support.”

Motor neurone disease is not as common or well-known as cancer, but it is life-shortening and cannot be cured. The Motor Neurone Disease Association provide information, equipment like communication aids, a support helpline, care centres, online forums, and financial support grants for those with MND and their families. Donations like those raised from events like Kevin’s golf day help keep these vital charities running so that they can provide cancer and motor neurone disease patients in the UK with invaluable care, and emotional and financial support when they need it most.

We at ServiceMaster Clean would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Kevin on going above and beyond to achieve this amazing feat of raising a staggering amount of money each year for these charities.

If you are in the Hampshire area and would like to support any of Kevin’s charity events or would benefit from a professional carpet and upholstery cleaning service, get in touch with Kevin and his team of cleaning experts today by calling 02392 838383 today, or find your nearest ServiceMaster Clean business to book a free quote nationwide.

By Tom Page, Digital Content Writer