Mattress Cleaning Tips

mattress cleaning

You probably change your sheets weekly, but how often do you clean your mattress? Don’t worry if you say never, you’re probably with the higher statistic of people that don’t, however, you should do this at least two to four times a year.

You may be thinking “Ugh that’s another cleaning task to do at home”, but there is no need to worry, it’s really not that difficult. Take a look at the following cleaning basics.

Mattress Cleaning

Before we delve into cleaning instructions, there are few things about why your mattress needs to be cleaned that you need to know.

Look at your sheets next time you change your bed and see how dirty they are, there’s probably lots of grit, crumbs and sweat stains on them. Additionally, ourselves and our pets are always shedding old skin cells and hair.

All of what is on the sheets can also find itself onto the mattress itself. Another bad habit is snacking in bed, there’s no telling what’s getting onto your sheets and mattress, which is why it’s important to clean it two to four times a year, if not more.

mattress cleaning

How to Clean the Mattress

Cleaning your mattress is much simpler than you’d think, first things first, strip the bed, wash your sheets and mattress protector (if you have one).

Here are two cleaning options you can choose from:

Option #1

The first is vacuuming your mattress using an attachment.

  • Run the vacuum attachment across the top
  • Get down into cracks and crevices
  • Vacuum along the sides

Option #2

The second option is steam cleaning, the kind of clean we would recommend and we would also suggest this clean is completed by professionals like ourselves.

A steam clean provides a more effective clean because of the use of water vapour to clean. We’ll always complete a spot test to check if it can be cleaned this way before proceeding.

You should also consider flipping your mattress over about twice a year unless it’s new. If this is the case, you’ll need to flip it more often for the first six months, see the manufacturer’s instructions for recommendations.

Both options will effectively remove any bed bugs and bacteria that may have accumulated on your mattress, however, the steam cleaning would be the most effective option.


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