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Case Study – Your five-step plan for workplace cleanliness and infection control

Your five-step plan for workplace cleanliness and infection control

The importance of having a clean work environment has never been greater. As an employer, how can you ensure that your building meets the strict criteria for cleanliness and infection control?

Here is our five-step plan:

  1. Assess the risks

Start with a risk assessment to identify the critical areas of concern and how you will address them.

  1. Create a cleaning plan

Since the individual areas of your building each have different uses, plan your cleaning routines accordingly. Consider what activities are undertaken where and the frequency of usage. Creating a plan will ensure that each area receives the appropriate level of attention and maintain consistency of cleanliness.

  1. Sanitise touchpoints

High touch areas such as handles, switches and desks will require frequent sanitisation. Highlight those areas in your cleaning plan and ensure they receive regular attention.

  1. Use appropriate PPE

Check the COSHH assessments of each cleaning product to ensure that you use the correct personal protection equipment such as gloves and masks.

  1. Deep clean periodically

Incorporate a regular deep clean into your cleaning plan. To keep on top of harder to reach areas, schedule in other less frequent cleaning routines such as fogging and ozone treatments.

By following these steps, you will maintain a clean work environment and reduce the risk of any infectious disease outbreak. For more information and other helpful resources, visit the government and HSE websites.

If your workplace has been exposed to Covid-19, we can provide a complete sanitisation to ensure infection control. Please contact ServiceMaster Clean Devon to find out more.