Summer Stain Removal Tips

How to have a stain-free summer…

With the summer solstice come and gone, it’s official: summer is here. So, it’s time to prepare for those inevitable spillages that seem to follow children around as the weather heats up.

Let’s look at the facts: We know that sticky fingers are frequently wiped on carpets or furniture and your kid’s finger-painting masterpieces usually miss the canvas and hit the floor instead. With everyone having fun in the sun, it’s easy to have the odd accident, but acting fast can help to lessen the damage. Here’s how to tackle some common summer stains.

A general tip before we get started: In most cases, it’s best to keep stubborn stains damp (but not wet) for several hours with a damp towel. If necessary, use a heavy book wrapped in cling film to apply pressure to the stain.

Muddy mishaps

Rough and tumble play comes with the territory with kids, especially outdoors. This can result in cuts and grazes as well as mud, dirt or grass being trekked in through your house, leaving marks on your floors and upholstery. But there is an easy fix.

Make up a solution using a small amount of biological washing powder mixed with warm water to remove any muddy marks or blood stains from cuts and scrapes. Remember never to rub a mark as this will make it worse and cause staining. And be sure to rinse the soapy solution properly as it could attract dirt if not cleaned away thoroughly.*

Sticky situation

Ice cream and ice lollies are something of a summer favourite, but the mess they leave behind can be a nightmare to remove from carpets and upholstery. One simple way to avoid this is to eat them outside. But if residue from one of these sweet treats does end up on your carpets or upholstery, try to clean up any spills quickly before they turn sticky by blotting with a paper towel to absorb any excess liquid and to stop the stain from spreading. Again, be sure to dab at the stain rather than rub it to reduce staining.*

Greasy fingers

Sun cream and barbecue grease are easily transferred inside and can be a nightmare for sofas and chairs. Luckily, we have a solution for this too – literally! Cover any marks with talcum powder or corn flour as quickly as possible to absorb the oil. Allow it to sit for a few minutes, then remove it gently with a brush or a dry sponge. If you still can’t remove the marks, you may need to enlist help from professionals or try ServiceMaster Spot Hero.*

Chill out

If you’ve ever seen the underside of a school desk, you’ll know that kids and gum don’t mix. At least not responsibly. If chewing gum gets stuck somewhere that it shouldn’t, you can remove it with a little cold. You may have heard about freezing chewing gum before. Here’s how it works.

Simply freeze the gum by placing some ice in a plastic bag and keeping it pressed to the gum, then use a blunt knife to gently remove the gum once frozen. You may have to remove any remnants and, believe it or not, a toothbrush works great to achieve this.*

Turn to drink

If all else fails, try using alcohol to remove stubborn stains. Both vodka and gin work well, especially when removing stains that may arise from summer arts and crafts such as felt tip pen marks and glue stains. Then just dab or blot the stain with a paper towel soaked in alcohol until it has reduced or been removed.*

Call in the professionals

Acting quickly when faced with a mess on your carpet and upholstery will minimise staining, but professional help may still be needed to remove a very stubborn stain. At ServiceMaster Clean, our expert technicians come fully kitted out with specialist products and equipment that is specifically designed to remove a stain gently whilst protecting the stained material beneath. And with over 60 years of experience as the nation’s favourite stain removal specialists, it’s no wonder that Britons all over the UK trust ServiceMaster Clean with their carpets and upholstery.

If you run into a summer stain that you just can’t seem to shake, enlist the help of the specialists by finding your nearest ServiceMaster Clean business to book your free no-obligation consultation with one of our friendly technicians today.

*Not all products listed are suitable for all fabric or carpet types. If you’re unsure, test the product on an inconspicuous area, or give us a call to check on 0800 021 3112.*

By Tom Page, Digital Content Writer