Spring cleaning your floors

spring cleaning floors

Over and above any area of the house, our floors bear the brunt of heavy traffic every day and in all weather. 

Shoes, boots, muddy trainers, studded football boots, even roller skates work their way across our floors and carpets but the chances are when you do your spring cleaning they just get a quick wash or vacuum, reserving the deep cleaning for other areas of the house. 

We’ve explained below how we can ensure your floors are clean and make them last longer.

How we clean your floors

Our cleaning gurus say you should think about having a stain-resistant treatment applied to your hard flooring after cleaning, to slow down wear and tear and protect your family from any germs at the same time. 

We’ve been cleaning floors for over 60 years, and have developed programmes to care for most flooring surfaces including marble, vinyl, ceramic, quarry tile, Terrazzo and finished wood. 

We’re also recommended and appointed by Amtico to care and maintain their range of luxury flooring, using our unique products. 

After a thorough clean we’ll apply a ‘sacrificial finish’ to your floor, so-called because it sacrifices itself to take the scratches, stains and marks, leaving the original surface underneath, unharmed.  

As a bonus, the treatments don’t just leave your floors looking clean, shiny and bright with enhanced slip resistance, they’re also impregnated with Hygienilac, which protects your family from a wide range of bacteria and viruses, meaning your floors look better, will last longer and your family are protected from germs at the same time.  


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