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ServiceMaster Clean service spotlight: Property clearance and cleaning

What’s involved in our property clearance and clean service?

Preparing a void property ready for the next occupant can sometimes require more than a straightforward cleaning.

If a previous resident has left unwanted contents and potential health hazards, it’ll need a specialist approach.

At ServiceMaster Clean, we have the expertise to safely clear and clean your premises, ready for the specialist trades to undertake repairs and redecoration or for your new tenant to move in.

In this blog post, ServiceMaster Clean Devon walks us through their property clearance and cleaning process so you know what to expect when you book with the experts.

What we do

We follow a three-step process to clear and clean a void property.

Since we handle everything, you won’t need to deal with separate organisations ensuring a quick and seamless service.

Out three-step process to void property cleaning

  1. Making it safe

First, we remove biohazards, sharps and bodily fluids from the property.

Each team member has the appropriate protection equipment and is trained to handle these high-risk materials and manage their safe removal.

  1. Clearing rubbish

As soon as the property is clear of hazardous materials, we remove and dispose of any other unwanted contents.

As well as general rubbish, we can take away items requiring specialist disposal, such as fridges and freezers.

  1. Deep cleaning

With all waste cleared, we move on to the deep clean and decontamination.

This final stage ensures that the property is clean and hygienic.

If necessary, we can thoroughly disinfect the property by fogging or Ozone treatment, where very fine droplets of disinfectant are sprayed throughout to remove unwanted odour and kill mould and microorganisms.

We supply reports on our findings, along with before and after photographs and can also provide method statements, risk assessments and COSHH sheets.

As soon as we have cleared and cleaned down the property, you can bring in your tradespeople to prepare the property for the next occupant.

Need help from professionals?

If you have any questions about dealing with a challenging void property or for a quote to support you on a project, call ServiceMaster Clean Devon on 01803 200 278.

Or, nationwide, find your nearest ServiceMaster Clean business or book online in select locations to see how you can benefit from our services.