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ServiceMaster Clean in Devon: Ensuring high standards of floor cleanliness

This case study from ServiceMaster Clean in Devon details how they help institutions and businesses maintain pristine standards of floor cleanliness.

All flooring needs regular cleaning to maintain hygiene, enhance appearance and prolong life.

In a commercial environment where footfall is high, frequent cleaning is essential.

Outsourcing your floor cleaning to an external company like ServiceMaster Clean ensures your standards remain effortlessly high.

Here are two examples of organisations that have benefited from our floor cleaning services in Devon.

The University of Exeter

The University of Exeter requires the team in Devon to clean the carpets in the bedroom and communal areas within its student residence halls.

The carpets within these areas are often stained, and some are problematic, which our teams need to resolve.

Using our specialist cleaning products, combined with high-pressured water and steam, we remove the ingrained dirt and eliminate or reduce the staining.

The university values our service as it frees up its in-house cleaning team to focus on deep cleaning the other areas of the residence buildings ready for the students to occupy.

Exmouth Leisure Centre

Exmouth Leisure Centre has a floor care program with ServiceMaster Clean.

We regularly attend the site to deep clean hard floors in the changing rooms, café areas, toilets and exercise areas.

Typically, the floors have a lot of ingrained dirt from mop usage.

We use a specialist floor cleaning product to loosen the dirt and contaminants from the floor’s surface.

Once the dirt is visibly lifted, we scrub the floors with a rotary floor scrubber and extract the grime with a high-powered steam extraction machine.

The steam extraction leaves the floors clean and sanitised, ready for use.

Our cleaning requires little downtime so the facility can stay open with minimal disruption to the leisure centre’s users.

Need help from professionals?

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