Schedule a Carpet and Upholstery Deep Clean for Easter Holiday Now | Commercial Cleaning

Book a deep cleaning of your school’s floors and upholstery for the Easter holiday now with ServiceMaster Clean.

As you prepare for a well-earned break, now is the time to book a cleaning and sanitation of your school’s carpets and upholstery with your local ServiceMaster Clean business.

Why clean your carpets and upholstery over the Easter Holiday?

You want to make sure that your staff and students return from the Easter holiday in the right state of mind to learn. This will only be aided by having clean and presentable premises, which have been proven to improve mood and productivity.

By scheduling a cleaning of your educational facilities’ carpet, floors, and upholstery now, you can ensure that your students return to a fresh and clean school that is free of stains, marks, and grime.  

Why choose ServiceMaster Clean?

With over 60 years as a leading cleaning brand that helps keep educational facilities looking their best, it’s no wonder that ServiceMaster Clean is trusted by schools nationwide.

Our professional cleaning services rid your high-traffic areas of carpet and hard flooring, curtains, rugs and upholstery of marks, stains, and other wear and tear that occurs during the school year.

Our cleaning technicians are also thoroughly trained to work safely and effectively during the COVID-19 pandemic and use the best cleaning equipment, to work closely with you. Ensuring the standards you have for your premises are not only met but exceeded.

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