Saucy Stain Removal

Whether you need to remove burger relish, tomato ketchup or pasta sauce, our stain removal experts are on hand to share their tips to remove stubborn tomato-based stains. A sauce spillage can be disastrous for white clothing or your sofa, but if you act fast and use the right method, you should be able to remove (or significantly lessen) the stain! 

Tomato sauces usually contain sugars and vinegar to enhance the flavour of the tomatoes, so avoid washing the item at a high temperature as the sugars could caramelise and make the stain harder to remove.

  1. Firstly, remove any residue from the surface of your fabric with a blunt knife (avoid rubbing it as this could cause the stain to spread).
  2. Apply a small amount of either washing up liquid or laundry detergent to a sponge dampened by cold water. If your fabric is light, cut a fresh lemon in half and squeeze a small amount of the juice over the stain. Lemon has a bleaching and deodorising effect on the tomato stain, so it should help to remove the stain naturally.
  3. Gently blot the stain, then use a clean tea towel or a paper towel to gently dry the material
  4. Wash clothing as per the manufacturer’s instructions and leave to dry naturally

If you can’t remove the stain using the method above, dampen the fabric using cold water and old a clean white towel in half. Gently dab the damp towel over the stained area, and the stain should transfer on to the towel. Wash and dry as per the manufacturer’s instructions.