How to remove chewing gum from your carpet

chewing gum

In the UK we are the second biggest consumer of chewing gum in the world! Statistics suggest that we consume around 120 to 130 sticks per year! (Telegraph) That’s a lot of chewing gum!

So that means a lot of chewing gum being dropped on your carpet! Here are a few tried and tested tips to get this sticky substance off the carpet.

chewing gum

Removal methods

It is best to consult your carpet care guide before attempting any kind of cleaning. Only because certain carpets react in different ways to certain materials and products.

Hairdryer method

Gentleman make sure you ask permission from your female companion, as they may wonder where their hairdryer has gone. Even if they haven’t touched it they will still blame you!

  • Step 1– Hold the hairdryer around 20cm from the carpet to heat the area, be careful not to scorch your carpet
  • Step 2– The gum will soften from the heat, pull at the gum with some tweezers or a gloved hand
  • Step 3– Repeat step 2 until all gum is removed, repeat step when if necessary

Be careful with this method not to scorch your carpet, especially if your carpet is made of polypropylene as this may cause your carpet to melt. Again, make sure you are referring to your carpet care guide

Ice cube method

I don’t mean go and get the well-known rapper Ice Cube to come and remove it for you, this is literally as it says, using ice cubes!

  • Step 1– Find a plastic bag and fill it with ice from your freezer
  • Step 2 – Place the bag of ice onto the chewing gum and leave to freeze. This can take up to 15 minutes, so make yourself a cup of tea
  • Step 3 – Use a blunt knife to scrape off the gum, repeat until gum is removed, and dispose of the chewing gum responsibly

Residue removal

Now that the chewing gum has been removed from the carpet, you may find that there is some residue remaining.

There are two different products that work best in removing the residue and they are… drum roll……. peanut butter & WD40.

Here are the steps needed to remove the residue:

  • Step 1 – Apply the peanut butter or WD40 onto the area and work the product in with your fingers (before applying, check your care instructions)
  • Step 2 – Without administering too much force, pull lightly on the carpet fibres with a cloth. You can also carefully scrape the fibres with tweezers

You then need to remove your selected carpet cleaner after all residue has been removed.

  • Step 1– Add a small bit of washing up liquid to some warm water and blot with a cloth until the area is clean
  • Step 2 – Blot with a dry cloth, or towel to remove any excess moisture


If you’re not sure in regards to cleaning up chewing gum from your carpet, call your local ServiceMaster Clean to come and clean this up for you professionally.

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