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Innovative online booking system comes to Leicester

According to a 2016 study by Trusted Cleaner, the average carpet could contain up to four times its own weight in dirt and may contain 4,000 more bacteria than a toilet seat – scary right? Well the same study also found that 90% of the people they asked would eat food they had dropped on the carpet. It’s not something really worth thinking about for too long but thankfully for the residents of Leicester, ServiceMaster Clean does.

As one of the UK’s leading and longest established carpet and upholstery cleaning companies, ServiceMaster Clean Leicester is raising awareness of the importance of keeping your flooring and upholstery clean this spring and has launched its new innovative online booking system to help speed up the process for residents and businesses to book their cleans. The new system is a first for Leicester and was launched ahead of the spring to cater for increased demand.

Matt Inskip, branch manager for ServiceMaster Clean Leicester said: “There aren’t many people who don’t have some sort of ‘spring clean’ in their homes or businesses around this period and so we decided to launch our new online booking system to help our customer’s book quicker and easier.

“Keeping carpets, upholstery and any type of floor covering clean and dirt free is so important to our health. We advise regular cleaning every 12-18 months, firstly to ensure they are clean and free or dirt and secondly to extend their life. A well-maintained and cleaned carpet or sofa will last much longer than one that hasn’t been cared for.

“As part of the launch, we are offering up to 50% off all additional items when one is purchased at full price. With our new system in place, we’re confident Leicester will stay cleaner for longer.”

To help maintain your carpets and upholstery after a spillage, ServiceMaster Clean suggests the following advice:

  • Act fast to avoid staining
  • Use a clean, white cloth or towel to blot up and dry out the stain
  • Scrape up any excess before starting to treat the stain
  • Never rub a stain, always blot
  • Always test your cleaning solution in an inconspicuous area of your carpet or sofa
  • Check the manufacturers guide to cleaning
  • A gentle cleaning detergent with warm water can be used to remove heavy staining before calling a professional cleaning company

Visit to use the new online booking system.