How to make your home Boo-tiful after a Halloween Party

How to make your home BOO-tiful after a Halloween Party

Over the past decade, Halloween in the UK has become a lot more popular. People are dressing up more in fancy dress and having Halloween themed parties to celebrate! Parties might be very different this year with virtual parties and social distancing, but that doesn’t mean you can miss out on the fun!

Setting up your house

From fake blood too sticky zombie cupcakes, a Halloween party can be a messy occasion and we 100% recommend getting organised before the big day.

A good idea to help keep your carpet clean from spilled drinks or blood dripping from vampire’s mouths is to put plastic sheeting down, yes ok it’s very Dexter-like, but it works! At the end of the party, you can just pick up the sheet and clean it with the hose in the garden and reuse it for future use.

You can even put plastic sheets over all of your furniture as well if they are expensive and you don’t want to get them ruined. However, doing this may spook your guests, as they may think something might happen to them by the end of the night!

Starting the cleanup

Here are some tips to make your house look BOO-tiful after your Halloween Party.

If sheeting is not put down and one of your guests spills some “ketchup” on the carpet or sofa, act fast and do the following:

  • Using a bit of kitchen paper or a tea towel, blot the area to soak up any excess liquids
  • Scrape the surface to get rid of any solids that may have been dropped also
  • Rub a small bit of washing up liquid onto the stain and work your way from the outside, into the middle
  • Use a bit of wet kitchen paper or tea towel again to blot and remove the soap spuds and hey presto your carpet or sofa are as good as new.

If you cannot get to the area fast enough or don’t realise it’s there until the next day then make sure you call ServiceMaster Clean to help.

Pick up all of the pumpkin bits that have been slung all over the table and floor, near to where the pumpkin carving was happening, as us adults can be just as messy as the kids sometimes!

The next stage is to get the hoover out and make sure you get into even the smallest of areas, like the sides of the sofa because you know for a fact someone has dropped some nibbles down there.

Who you gonna call?

Well, in this instance, Ghostbusters won’t be much use, so give ServiceMaster Clean a call to help you clean up your carpets and upholstery. You can also call our friends over at Merry Maids to clean everywhere else in your home.

Find your local ServiceMaster Clean professional carpet and upholstery cleaning experts here.

We hope you have a delightful and frightful Halloween!