How To Remove Christmas Tree Sap

There’s nothing like having a real Christmas tree in the home but getting it in and out of the house can leave you with unwanted sap marks on your carpet. Before you attempt to remove these marks, check the manufacturers instructions to see how you should clean your carpet.

Avoid using ‘under the sink’ chemicals as these may reduce the chances of cleaning. To reduce pine sap marks, apply a small amount of a clear spirit, such as vodka or gin, to a dry cloth. Gently dab this over the area until the sap transfers on to the cloth.

If the sap won’t come away from your carpet, mix a teaspoon of washing powder into a mug of warm water.  Trying to keep the stain as dry as possible, gently dab the solution on to the sap mark using a sponge.  Allow this to sit for at least three minutes before dabbing once again with a dry cloth. Leave this to dry naturally.

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