Are you ruining your wooden floors?

A well-polished hardwood floor can add a touch of luxury to any home, but to protect your investment, you should keep it in top condition. Anything you spill, apply or coat the wood panels with can actually do more harm than good. Our hard floor cleaning experts are here to help you to keep your wooden floors looking at their best for years to come. 

Some processes that are supposed to clean and protect your wooden floors can actually shorten their life. Your wooden flooring will look best if you maintain its glossiness over time, but a large floor can be difficult to clean thoroughly.

Some people make the mistake of putting a lot of cleaning products directly on to their wooden floors to get the job done quicker. As most cleaning products are made of liquid, this can cause the wood to swell, causing an uneven finish. We recommend using a soft cloth with a liquid cleaner that is suitable for your flooring.  Never apply the chemical directly to the hardwood.

If you lay a carpet over your wooden floors or place a rug over it to protect it from scratches and spills, be careful what kind of adhesive you use to secure it. These adhesives can ruin the finish of your hardwood flooring, so we recommend using a rug pad to keep it in place without harming your floor.

Just like liquid, heat can break down the finish on wooden floors and can cause them to become brittle over time. Leave the wooden floor cleaning to the professionals! Find your local ServiceMaster Clean here who will be happy to advise you on the best way to clean your flooring. .