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Case Study – Designing a Carpet Preventative Maintenance Plan

Designing a Carpet Preventative Maintenance Plan

Cleanliness is high on the agenda and one of the first things people notice when walking into commercial premises is the carpet.  Maintaining a clean environment remains a high priority and carpets are a visible example.  Commercial organisations have multiple factors to consider and planning ahead of time really helps.  Carpet replacement is costly and disruptive so extending the life of a carpet is financially advantageous.

Customer and Team Priorities

It’s important to take account of how the property is used and consider what is important to your customers and staff.  Professional carpet cleaning involves machinery so is best organised for when customers and employees are not using the property.

  • Residential blocks managed by housing associations or property managers may favour annual deep carpet cleaning
  • Schools, university, collages often plan for Easter and summer projects
  • Nurseries favour quarterly visits on weekends for close contact cleanliness
  • Offices and professional services sometimes prefer evenings


  1. Zones
    How heavy is the usage and wear throughout the year?  Divide up the property into zones, each one to be addressed at a different time.  Some high traffic zones area such as reception, walkways, stairs may require monthly cleaning and spot stain treatments, whereas meeting rooms may require quarterly or annual deep carpet cleaning.  An audit of the area can be used to draw up a specification of works or scope.
  1. Visual Schedule
    A visual schedule makes it easy to see and can be displayed and shared so people can plan, and allow time for setting equipment aside for access to the areas if required.  Automating the process by making one set of bookings for the whole year saves time on the planning and preparation.
  1. Integrated planning
    Other cleaning such as the upholstery on sofas and office chairs or periodic deep cleaning to surfaces and hard floor cleaning are most effective when coordinated.  Linking the carpet cleaning programme to other maintenance plans can be more cost effective and be more efficient.
  1. Predictable Budget
    Unpredictable costs are a source of stress. If you have one zone that requires monthly cleaning and other zones that are half yearly or annually, consider asking your carpet cleaning company to factor the whole years costs and split evenly to provide even monthly expenses. This gives a predicable monthly cost to your business and the cleaning is already scheduled in.


Designing a carpet cleaning maintenance programme automates the important aspect of maintain a hygienic facility.  Having a consistent approach that integrates with your organisational routines means the problem of remembering to arrange carpet cleaning, booking visits and unexpected costs are addressed.

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