cleaning games

Great cleaning games for the kids this summer…

We know that entertaining the kids throughout the long summer holidays can be a difficult task, so we’ve come up with a list of cleaning-related games that you can play over and over again.

Fill the recycling bin

After washing and drying the plastic and cardboard recycling, split the contents between your children into piles and place the recycling bin a short distance away from them.

Then hold a race to see who can place their recycling into the bin the quickest, or who can throw the plastic items into the bin from the greatest distance.

Load and empty the dishwasher

Who can load the dishwasher to fit the most items in? (This might be a good one for adults too!)

Whilst being very careful not to break anything, ask your children to empty the dishwasher as quickly as possible and to stack the dishes in piles for parents to put away. Or as a team, can your children empty and put away the clean dishes faster than the day before?

Spot the recycling

Give your children two bins or bags; one for recycling and another for general waste. As you walk around the house, can your child identify what should be recycled and what should be thrown into general waste?

Folding washing

Show your children how to fold clean washing properly and then challenge them to fold as many items as they can in 5 minutes.

Sorting colours

It’s a job we all hate, but what if you made it into a game? Ask your children to separate the dirty washing into piles of colours and then carry them to the washing machine for you in the order of the rainbow.

Clear out

It’s not just in the spring that you should have a clear out of old items you don’t need. The school holidays are the perfect time clear out old toys, books and games; or even nick-nacks around the house you no longer need.

Why not donate the old items to charity?  Let your children bag the items and take them to a local charity store where they can hand them over.

Why not come up with some of your own cleaning games? Teach and show your children that cleaning and tidying can be fun… honest!