Flood defence George Osbourne

Flood defences boost in Budget 2016

Chancellor George Osborne has given a boost to infrastructure in today’s Budget with investment plans flood defences, energy, housing and major projects.

A 0.5% rise in insurance premium tax will raise funds for flood defence projects across York, Leeds, Calder Valley, Carlisle and across Cumbria.

Angus Dodds, head of restoration services for ServiceMaster said: “Householders & businesses across the identified areas will welcome the initiative. They will naturally seek the detail that will help remove some of the uncertainty that these communities must feel whenever heavy storm clouds gather.

“Whilst ServiceMaster Clean provides a Disaster Restoration service to flood victims; we welcome initiatives that support funding of projects in high risk flood areas. The disruption that floods cause to communities is long lasting and can take many years for the population to truly recover. Equally the knock on effect to the local economy and the long term national economic growth forecasts should not be under estimated.

“This is Excellent news and a step in the right direction.”

Photo Credit: David Rose