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How To Remove Christmas Tree Sap

There’s nothing like having a real Christmas tree in the home but getting it in and out of the house can leave you with unwanted sap marks on your carpet. Before you attempt to remove these marks, check the manufacturers instructions to see how you should clean your carpet. Avoid using ‘under the sink’ chemicals […]

Be Cautious When Cleaning Curtains

Some say that you should clean your curtains every six months, but our professional cleaning experts advise that you should leave them alone. Curtains can be extremely tricky to clean due to the range of fabric types and finishes, the decorative touches that can be extremely difficult to recreate once cleaned and the danger of ‘shrinkage’. Check […]

Back To School Stain Tips

The children have gone back to school, but we know that their brand new school uniforms won’t stay spotless for very long. Our stain removal experts are on hand to help you to remove any stains that might occur. Check the manufacturers instructions before you begin cleaning to make sure you don’t damage the fabric. Chalk […]

Don’t let the bed bugs bite… no, really!

With the lack of warm weather this summer, you might be thinking that we’ve escaped the potential infestations of bed bugs this year but in fact, those escaping the colder weather for a beach holiday abroad may have an unwittingly brought the critters back. Many reports in the press tell us that infestations are on […]

Saucy Stain Removal

Whether you need to remove burger relish, tomato ketchup or pasta sauce, our stain removal experts are on hand to share their tips to remove stubborn tomato-based stains. A sauce spillage can be disastrous for white clothing or your sofa, but if you act fast and use the right method, you should be able to remove […]

What’s hiding in your carpet?

It’s a scary thought, but did you know that your carpet could contain more bacteria per square inch than your toilet seat and may contain more than four times its own weight in dirt? Your carpet is the ideal environment for bacteria, dust mites, fleas and mould to thrive. From your child’s dirty wellies to […]

Leather Furniture Cleaning Tips

Leather upholstery is very popular, but can be extremely difficult to clean. It’s widely available in a vast range of finishes, textures and colours, but unfortunately many people who purchase leather know little about how to care for it. Although some advise that as leather is natural, it cannot be cleaned, we know that this is not […]

Cleaning up after the Builders

If you’re having building work done or renovations carried out on your home, it’s a good idea to deep-clean your home to eliminate any dust and dirt. Depending on the scale of work, everything from your carpets, walls and windows to your cupboards, work surfaces and bathrooms may need cleaning. Once the builders have left, it’s only natural to want to […]

Refresh your sofa

The fabric of your upholstery is the perfect place for dirt and grime to build up, and your sofa can begin to look old and tired. Our cleaning experts share their advice to make it fresher and to give it a new lease of life. Vaccum Your vaccum cleaner isn’t just for your floors! As your […]

Stain Tips for the Summer Holidays

With the summer holidays just around the corner, it’s time to prepare for those inevitable spillages that seem to follow children around. We know that sticky fingers are frequently wiped on carpets or furniture and art masterpieces usually miss the canvas and hit the floor instead. It’s often pen marks and spilt glue that are […]