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Keeping Positive

In these unprecedented times, you, like many others around the world may be feeling a little low in spirits. Things may seem a little gloomy but there are rays of positivity shining through.   I’ve put together a little blog on some of the lovely things which I’ve seen in the last few days in the hope of sharing a little […]

How To Maintain A Clean Home

Whilst many people are at home now is the perfect time to give your home some TLC. Below are some hints and tips to make sure your home is clean and looking its best for you and your family.  Decluttering It’s quite amazing how much stuff we can collect over time and it’s equally amazing how […]

Homeschooling From a Full Time Working Mum… How To Survive!

Well, this is different! Being a fulltime working mum, homeschooling wasn’t something I had planned for and if you’re here reading this, I doubt you did either? But here I am and I’m trying my best to keep some normality as much as I can considering what’s going on in the world right now.  I have two children, one of […]

How to stay motivated when working from home

Tip #1 – Create An Office You may be tempted to sit on the sofa or lie in bed whilst working from home, this is a mistake as it will demotivate you. Dedicate a room specifically as your office, away from any distractions, like Television or other family members/housemates. Make sure your office is tidy […]

What’s The Difference Between Social Distancing, Isolation & Quarantine?

With all that’s going on in the world now, everyone needs to understand what the differences between Social Distancing, Isolation and Quarantine are. There is a difference between each of these terms and we’ll explain the difference below. What is Social Distancing? Social distancing should be practised by everyone, whether or not they are exposed […]

The Recommended Way To Wash Your Hands

Proper hand hygiene is the number one way to reduce the risk of infection and it’s important to wash your hands frequently and properly, with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. Here is the proper way to wash your hands as recommended by NHS: How to Wash Your Hands Correctly Wash your hands under […]

What is the difference between cleaning, sanitisation and disinfection?

Within the cleaning industry, a lot of people get confused with what is the difference between cleaning, sanitisation and disinfection. We’ll explain the difference below – Cleaning Definition: The removal of visible soil, debris, micro-organisms and organic substances from surfaces; will not completely eliminate germs, however, will remove some contaminated matter. Cleaning is just the first […]

Superhero Cleaning Technician SMC Bournemouth

We received a great little story from one of our franchises, ServiceMaster Clean Bournemouth and we had to share it! In the early hours of Friday morning (21/02/20) at 1 am our technician Jake Fox received a call on the out of hours mobile when he answered it was an elderly lady who advised Jake […]

How To Get Mud Out Of Your Carpet

“Rain, rain go away, come back another day” or not at all! – we live in the UK, unfortunately, on average it rains 133 days of the year. Rain can be a complete nightmare, especially for pet owners and young kids about with mud traipsed across the house. Most of you have probably looked at […]

Mattress Cleaning Tips

You probably change your sheets weekly, but how often do you clean your mattress? Don’t worry if you say never, you’re probably with the higher statistic of people that don’t, however, you should do this at least two to four times a year. You may be thinking “Ugh that’s another cleaning task to do at […]

Quick Top Tips For Keeping Your Floors Clean

All-day long your floors are walked on, if you have young kids, crawled on they’re walked on, crawled on, and sometimes you may spill something on them. Dirt and grime will find it’s way into your house no matter what so we’ve put together a few tips that will help keep your floors always looking […]

Christmas Stain Removal Tips

With Christmas fast approaching and Christmas parties being planned, you’ll need to make sure your home is in top-notch condition. What happens if you get goose fat on your kitchen floor or cranberry sauce on the carpet? We explain how to remove Christmas stains below. What do the experts have to say? We are experts […]

How To Make Your Home Look 10 Years Younger

The following tips will only make your home look 10 years younger and not yourselves, unfortunately, that’s another story about botox. When sofas, carpets and curtains start to look old and worn the temptation is usually to replace them, however, we would say a good clean can make your furniture look 10 years younger! Top […]

Marvels & Meltdowns Carpet Clean

ServiceMaster Clean Hampshire recently completed some carpeting cleaning for one of their local charity organisation Marvels & Meltdowns. They were approached by a local charity, Marvel and Meltdowns for a carpet cleaning quote, of which they needed to gain funding to settle the bill. After Kev from ServiceMaster Clean Hampshire visited the centre and saw […]

Moving Home Cleaning Essentials

If you’re planning on selling your house and moving home or selling your house to travel the world, ensuring your home is spotless will impress prospective buyers. Do I need my carpets cleaned if I’m moving home? With moving home being the third most stressful life event, the last thing you want to think about […]

How To Remove Grease From Upholstery

Has your child spilt a plate of oily food on the sofa? Or maybe you accidentally grabbed the driver’s seat while working on your car, leaving a greasy handprint. It happens. What happens? Stains! The upholstery experts at ServiceMaster Clean have got you covered. We’ve put together a few DIY solutions for removing grease stains from upholstery. […]

A Guide to Cleaning Your Dog Bed

With over a quarter of the UK population owning a dog, it’s important for yours and your dog’s health that their dog bed is kept clean. We all love dogs and love to stroke them hundreds of times a day, but I bet you didn’t know that your pets can carry germs everywhere they go […]

How to Remove Grass Stains From Your Carpet

The sun is out and has got his hat on! Yay! This means there are bound to be a few of you that get grass stains on your carpets & upholstery in your home, especially if you’re having a family barbecue or some kind of garden party. We’ve decided to give you a few tips […]

ServiceMaster Clean Bournemouth New Owners

Bournemouth based business owners are celebrating after taking over a commercial & residential cleaning company. ServiceMaster Bournemouth is a franchise of ServiceMaster. It has been established since 1994. New owners, Scott & Jess Burrows and Michelle Walker decided to buy the ServiceMaster after John Day announced his retirement. Scott has worked at ServiceMaster Clean Bournemouth […]

The Gruesome Side of Your Bedroom

The average person will spend one-third of their lives in their bedroom, either sleeping or watching Netflix in bed. This blog may not be for the faint-hearted, as we are about to delve into the gruesome side of what lurks in your bedroom. Fact #1 Your carpet can contain up to 4,000 times more bacteria […]