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Marvels & Meltdowns Carpet Clean

ServiceMaster Clean Hampshire recently completed some carpeting cleaning for one of their local charity organisation Marvels & Meltdowns. They were approached by a local charity, Marvel and Meltdowns for a carpet cleaning quote, of which they needed to gain funding to settle the bill. After Kev from ServiceMaster Clean Hampshire visited the centre and saw […]

Moving Home Cleaning Essentials

If you’re planning on selling your house and moving home or selling your house to travel the world, ensuring your home is spotless will impress prospective buyers. Do I need my carpets cleaned if I’m moving home? With moving home being the third most stressful life event, the last thing you want to think about […]

How To Remove Grease From Upholstery

Has your child spilt a plate of oily food on the sofa? Or maybe you accidentally grabbed the driver’s seat while working on your car, leaving a greasy handprint. It happens. What happens? Stains! The upholstery experts at ServiceMaster Clean have got you covered. We’ve put together a few DIY solutions for removing grease stains from upholstery. […]

A Guide to Cleaning Your Dog Bed

With over a quarter of the UK population owning a dog, it’s important for yours and your dog’s health that their dog bed is kept clean. We all love dogs and love to stroke them hundreds of times a day, but I bet you didn’t know that your pets can carry germs everywhere they go […]

How to Remove Grass Stains From Your Carpet

The sun is out and has got his hat on! Yay! This means there are bound to be a few of you that get grass stains on your carpets & upholstery in your home, especially if you’re having a family barbecue or some kind of garden party. We’ve decided to give you a few tips […]

ServiceMaster Clean Bournemouth New Owners

Bournemouth based business owners are celebrating after taking over a commercial & residential cleaning company. ServiceMaster Bournemouth is a franchise of ServiceMaster. It has been established since 1994. New owners, Scott & Jess Burrows and Michelle Walker decided to buy the ServiceMaster after John Day announced his retirement. Scott has worked at ServiceMaster Clean Bournemouth […]

The Gruesome Side of Your Bedroom

The average person will spend one-third of their lives in their bedroom, either sleeping or watching Netflix in bed. This blog may not be for the faint-hearted, as we are about to delve into the gruesome side of what lurks in your bedroom. Fact #1 Your carpet can contain up to 4,000 times more bacteria […]

Getting Rid of Fleas in Your Home

A lot of pet owners will already be aware that the chance of your pet getting fleas is quite high, especially a cat, because of their life outside of the home. Fleas can and will accumulate on your carpets and upholstery after connecting to their host, usually your pet. It’s important to get rid of […]

How to remove chewing gum from your carpet

In the UK we are the second biggest consumer of chewing gum in the world! Statistics suggest that we consume around 120 to 130 sticks per year! (Telegraph) That’s a lot of chewing gum! So that means a lot of chewing gum being dropped on your carpet! Here are a few tried and tested tips […]

ServiceMaster Clean Graffiti Cleanup – Canadian War Memorial

A London based ServiceMaster Clean company has been involved with the recent clean-up of the damaged Canadian War Memorial in London’s Green Park. ServiceMaster Clean London were contacted last week following the thoughtless act of vandalism that left the memorial covered in white paint. The ServiceMaster Clean company which specialises in disaster restoration services were […]

An Investment for Success

With 2018 coming to an end it is time to look back upon the achievements of ServiceMaster Clean Belfast this year! ServiceMaster Clean Belfast started off small, with William Hogg as the only employee, he now employees one full-time and two part-time staff members, who are fully dedicated to providing the highest possible service to […]

How to make your home Boo-tiful after a Halloween Party

How to make your home BOO-tiful after a Halloween Party Over the past decade, Halloween in the UK has become a lot more popular. People are dressing up more in fancy dress and having Halloween themed parties to celebrate! What is your favourite Halloween costume you have worn or seen? Ours is a zombie maid […]

6 Amazing Stain Tackling Tips

6 Amazing Stain Tackling Tips We all throw stuff on the floor, sometimes by accident and sometimes when we are having a tantrum because something didn’t go our way, something “accidentally” gets hurtled across the room, and leaves a stain on the carpet or upholstery. Here are 6 stain and spill tackling tips: Turn to […]

4 Reasons for getting upholstery cleaned professionally

4 Reasons for getting upholstery cleaned professionally We all have some kind of upholstery in our home, be it your favourite armchair upon which you read the newspaper every morning, or your sofa, where you watch the latest Netflix series while having a TV dinner. Cleaning your upholstery regularly is important, here are 5 reasons […]

Does a Clean House Reduce Allergies?

Does a Clean House Reduce Allergies? AAAAAAAACCCHHHHHOOOOOO! Is what a lot of us usually do during certain times of the year. The main cause of allergies is obviously hay fever, however, there are other substances that can cause allergies, such as dust and certain foods. Did you know that keeping your house clean can help […]

Preparing for the #BeastFromTheEast

With the #BeastFromTheEast approaching and snow starting to fall, it is no doubt that the freezing temperatures are going to put the pipes in your home at risk – So, to avoid your pipes bursting this week (26/2/18), here are some handy tips. Insulate your loft, sides of your water tanks and all pipes with […]

ServiceMaster Clean launches in South Belfast

An internationally-renowned cleaning company has been launched by Newry businessman, William Hogg the 4th, who purchased the license to provide domestic and commercial reactive cleaning services across the south of Belfast with his new business, ServiceMaster Clean. Born and bred in Newry, William Hogg chose to invest in the company, which is a franchise of […]

Dream ride raises £35,000 for charity

A ServiceMaster Clean franchise owner with a passion for speed has helped to raise £35,000 for charity at the Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show 2017 at the NEC in Birmingham. Darren Smee, director at ServiceMaster Clean Mid-Cornwall is also a member of the Sporting Bears Motor Club, a group of classic car and sports car […]

Winter weather – are you ready?

The holiday season is a time for families, friends and festivities – occasionally our plans for the time of year are disrupted by the unexpected. Ice and freezing temperatures, driving winds and rain plus melting snow can all challenge the integrity of our homes – here are some tips on what you can do to […]

How to clean those summer stains

Now that you’ve dropped the children off at school, packed them into a taxi or waved them off at the bus stop and you’re about feeling yourself again…. but what’s waiting for you as you open the front door? 😬 Felt tip pen stains? Chocolate marks? Remnants of tomato ketchup? Maybe a little red wine stain? Well we’ve got […]