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How to keep a carved pumpkin from rotting

Carving pumpkins to create grinning, smirking or even scary jack-o-lanterns is a much anticipated Halloween activity in many households. Of course, you want your hard work to welcome trick-or-treaters up to and even beyond the big night, which is why it’s so sad when your painstakingly carved creations start to decay or mold before the […]

How to make your home Boo-tiful after a Halloween Party

How to make your home BOO-tiful after a Halloween Party Over the past decade, Halloween in the UK has become a lot more popular. People are dressing up more in fancy dress and having Halloween themed parties to celebrate! Parties might be very different this year with virtual parties and social distancing, but that doesn’t […]

Halloween Stain Tips

Halloween can be a messy time of the year, full of sticky sweets, face painting and even the odd spot of fake blood. These can be disastrous for clothing and soft furnishings but our cleaning experts are on hand with their stain removal tips to keep your home clean this Halloween. Hair Raising  If you’re using […]

Stain tips for school holidays

School’s out… Time to prepare for those inevitable spillages that seem to follow children around! We know that sticky fingers are frequently wiped on carpets or furniture and art masterpieces usually miss the canvas and hit the floor instead. It’s often pen marks and spilt glue that are the cause of the most angst for […]

Why should I pay a company to get my carpets cleaned?

 Here at ServiceMaster Clean, we often get asked why should I pay a company to clean my carpets if I can hire or just buy a machine myself? Hiring a machine from your local supermarket or DIY store is always an option, but then so is fixing your own car with just a spanner! […]

Earth Day 2020

Earth Day is celebrated every year on April 22nd and was created to flood the world with hope, optimism and action, all around our beautiful planet Earth. The first Earth Day was introduced back in 1970, therefore, celebrating its 50th Birthday this year, and now has over 75,000 partners working together to drive positive action. […]

Spring cleaning your floors

Over and above any area of the house, our floors bear the brunt of heavy traffic every day and in all weather.  Shoes, boots, muddy trainers, studded football boots, even roller skates work their way across our floors and carpets but the chances are when you do your spring cleaning they just get a quick wash or vacuum, reserving the deep cleaning for other areas of the house.  We’ve explained […]

10 things to do in the garden

The Easter weekend is a slightly different one this year with us ‘staying home’, but don’t let that stop you having fun in the garden! We’ve put together some fun activities that you and your family can do in the garden whilst the weather is nice this bank holiday weekend.  #1 Garden Easter egg hunt   If you have young children or just want […]

Home decorating tips

With the nation currently being told to stay at home, there can’t be a better time to think about a bit of home decorating!  We’ve done our homework and accumulated a few useful tips for you to take away and implement when you’re decorating your home, so here they are:  Plan your decorating   Before splashing paint all over the […]

Stay home, stay connected

Being on lockdown, stuck in your house, restricted movement, social distancing, whatever you want to call it isn’t easy for a lot of people but luckily for us, in this day and age, we have a wide range of technology at our fingertips to help us stay connected.   Staying connected is important for us on a personal level […]

Mental wellbeing during isolation

With many of us perhaps feeling concerned, stressed or panicked by the current situation, we’ve put together a few ways of looking after your mental-wellbeing during these challenging times. The below is not medical advice but aimed to help a little as you face life’s current worries.   Connect with people If you are in self-isolation, you may start to feel just that, isolated. What […]

Looking after your pets during the current crisis

As Coronavirus or COVID-19 – grinds the world to a halt, many are left wondering what they can and cannot do with their pets during this pandemic.   Currently, there is no evidence to suggest that pets can be carriers of Coronavirus, nor become poorly from it; however, your pets may be impacted if you or any members […]

Cleaning Myths Busted

We’re bombarded with cleaning advice from the internet, magazines and more recently, social media, some of these are myths that aren’t necessarily always the best way to clean your home and sometimes, they can do far more harm than good.   We’re here to uncover some of these cleaning myths so you don’t have to!   Myth […]

10 Positive Things To Do At Home

We’ve put together a few ideas to keep your spirits up when you’re at home during the current virus outbreak:   1. Plan or Re-decorate Plan something for the future- create a mood board to re-decorate your home or research a trip for later in the year  2. Get Cooking Cook something delicious – there are […]

EWIF Woman Franchise Employee of the Year 2020 Nomination

We are very proud to announce that ServiceMaster Clean Residential Brand Manager, Sophie Whittingham has reached the finals of EWIF “Woman Franchise Employee of the Year 2020.” Encouraging Women Into Franchising (EWIF) is an organisation founded on the following principles – “to support women who are looking for a route into the franchise industry. Our […]

Where To Find Useful Information About COVID19

There is information everywhere you look about the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, sometimes it is difficult working out fact from fiction so we have collated a variety of reputable links that will be kept up to date with reliable information. Health Information & Advice: Advice for the public from World Health Organisation https://www.who.int/emergencies/diseases/novel-coronavirus-2019/advice-for-public Health advise […]

Keeping Positive

In these unprecedented times, you, like many others around the world may be feeling a little low in spirits. Things may seem a little gloomy but there are rays of positivity shining through.   I’ve put together a little blog on some of the lovely things which I’ve seen in the last few days in the hope of sharing a little […]

How To Maintain A Clean Home

Whilst many people are at home now is the perfect time to give your home some TLC. Below are some hints and tips to make sure your home is clean and looking its best for you and your family.  Decluttering It’s quite amazing how much stuff we can collect over time and it’s equally amazing how […]

Homeschooling From a Full Time Working Mum… How To Survive!

Well, this is different! Being a fulltime working mum, homeschooling wasn’t something I had planned for and if you’re here reading this, I doubt you did either? But here I am and I’m trying my best to keep some normality as much as I can considering what’s going on in the world right now.  I have two children, one of […]

How to stay motivated when working from home

Tip #1 – Create An Office You may be tempted to sit on the sofa or lie in bed whilst working from home, this is a mistake as it will demotivate you. Dedicate a room specifically as your office, away from any distractions, like Television or other family members/housemates. Make sure your office is tidy […]