6 Amazing Stain Tackling Tips

6 Amazing Stain Tackling Tips

We all throw stuff on the floor, sometimes by accident and sometimes when we are having a tantrum because something didn’t go our way, something “accidentally” gets hurtled across the room, and leaves a stain on the carpet or upholstery.


Here are 6 stain and spill tackling tips:

Turn to the drink


Unfortunately, in this circumstance, I don’t mean to pour yourself a nice glass of wine, but instead a bit a vodka or gin can help with stains on your carpet and upholstery

All you need to do is pour a small bit of either vodka or gin on a cloth and start dabbing, no not the dance craze, but dab the stain until it is reduced or removed.

If the stain is still there after you have been at it for a while, give your local ServiceMaster Clean branch a call.

Less is more

Make sure you are not using too much liquid to dab your stains up, especially the vodka or gin because remember you may want a cocktail later, and the less liquid that you use the quicker your fabric or carpet dry.

Grease is the word

Most people start to worry if they drop a bit of grease or oil on the carpet or upholstery, well, there is no need to.

Get some talcum powder or corn flour, let it settle for around 10 minutes and then just brush or vacuum away!

Stain on Carpet

Red Red Wine

Get a bottle of white wine and pour yourself a glass of wine, don’t pour it on the red wine stain, what a waste of good wine!

There is a much easier way of getting up the stain of red wine and that is:

  • Absorb as much of the wine as possible with some kitchen towels
  • Dampen the area with a bit of water, not white wine!
  • Sprinkle with a bit of talcum powder
  • Cover with more kitchen paper, a bit of cling film and leave for around 12 hours
  • The talcum powder will have absorbed the red wine, then all you need to do is vacuum it away


Bye gum

Getting gum off your carpet and upholstery is a lot easier than you may think.

All you need to do is grab yourself a plastic bag and fill it with ice and leave the ice to freeze the gum for a while. Once the gum has started to freeze, get a blunt knife, like a butter knife and scrape away.

Blots your lot

Some of the best cleaning advice we can give is to blot your stain instead of rubbing. If you rub the stain it will only help it to seep into the fabric or carpet more, so blot instead and blots your lot!

If you have a stain that you don’t think you can remove with any of these tips, then give ServiceMaster Clean a call and we will use our expertise and equipment to get rid of the stain for you.

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